Learning Experiences & Projects

My personal learning experiences are as follows:

Elementary/Middle School Learning Memory: learning the multiplication tables in 3rd grade. The main person in charge was my third grade teacher, whose name I can’t recall right now, and we learned and memorized the tables listening to a set of records that put them into different songs. We were learning the multiplication tables in order to commit them to long-term memory so that we’d be able to apply them for whatever uses we might have in our lives and education.

High School/College Learning Memory: For this one, I’ll try to depart from music (though I was tempted to use another musical memory!), and focus on learning Latin. I was taught by a full-time faculty member at my university, and we learned the language in a range of ways including memorization, application, and research. The really specific memory I have of this was working as a class to translate the entire script of Gladiator into Latin, and then do our own dubbing of the film. I would call learning a language a skill; I was learning it because I wanted to learn Latin, and thought it might be useful if I went to grad school (it was, because I went to grad school and studied medieval literature).

Professional Learning Memory: My professional memory will be a general range of memories rather than a specific one: learning to use tech that is useful in my teaching and course design career—this includes everything from figuring out how to make a specific column automatically populate across multiple sheets in Excel to getting a basic handle on creating lessons in Storyline 360. The person teaching me was me; these are all skills that I learned on my own by looking for tutorials and instructional materials online. I was learning the information for work and in order to facilitate a career change; none of it was required, but it has all either made my work easier/simpler, or helped me to do certain tasks more effectively.

From here, take a look at my two learning projects:

Complex Learning Project

Microlearning Project